CNA – Views on the News Jan 24th 2013

Dear friends, I appeared on CNAChannel_NewsAsia_logo_(shape_only).svg earlier this morning to talk about David Cameron’s proposed EU referendum, India’s decision not to apply the death penalty to rapists, and, best of all, Beyonce’s lip-synch.

Click here to watch.

2 thoughts on “CNA – Views on the News Jan 24th 2013

  1. Sorry have to disagree with you here. Our situation may not as adverse as israel or saudi, but it could turn into one. We’ve had conflicts with Indonesia ( Confrontasi) and during Mahathir’s rule, he did mention bombing Singapore, even though it was in jest ( maybe).

    1. Sorry but as a Malaysian I still find it quite incredulous that Singaporeans think Malaysia could ever seriously consider attacking Singapore. You haven’t understood the reality here in Malaysia, if you can think that way. There are so many reasons why that would be an extremely bad thing for us to do, especially now. Plus, not even Malaysians take that raving lunatic Mahathir seriously anymore.

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