Jom, our new media outfit

Dear friends and readers,

Thanks for all your support these past years!

As some of you know, I have, along with Charmaine Poh and Tsen-Waye Tay, recently co-founded Jom, a new media outfit.

Jom will be a weekly digital magazine covering arts, culture, politics, business, technology and more in Singapore. I am slowly winding down my writing elsewhere, and will soon be writing only for Jom.

The website will be launching in the coming weeks, but we’ve already started publishing a series of newsletters to share our start-up story.

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Newsletter series:
1) Isn’t it risky starting a magazine in Singapore?
2) What’s Jom? How are you different from Rice Media and New Naratif?
3) Why a Malay name for an English-language magazine on Singapore? Finding “Jom”
4) Three Chinese women and one Indian guy? How we think about diversity
5) Jom: Who we are, what we stand for, your role as a reader in building a diverse, responsible media sector

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Thank you again for your support of Musings from Singapore all these years. This site will still be around, but I won’t be publishing much new stuff here.

For that, Jom.

Jom tulis, let’s write.
Jom baca, let’s read.
Jom fikir, let’s think.
Jom buat, let’s act.


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