Singapore Elections Key Points

The People’s Action Party (PAP) will form our Government with 66.6% of the vote.

The opposition won 33.3% of the vote. i.e. they have the support of 1 in 3 Singaporeans.
However, our first past the post voting system ensures that 1/3 of the vote only garners them 2 out of 84 seats in Parliament, or 2.38%.
This is a huge disjoint between popular support and parliamentary representation.

I have much respect for the residents of Hougang and Potong Pasir, the two wards with incumbent opposition candidates. In the run-up to the election, the PAP promised them S$100 million and S$80 million respectively – in the form of estate upgrading plans – if they voted them in. Despite the dangling carrot, the residents once again chose the charming Mr. Low Thia Kiang and the indefatigable Mr. Chiam See Tong to represent them.

The next time somebody says that Singaporeans are all materialistic and lacking in ideals, tell them to go visit Hougang and Potong Pasir. (It is a claim that this blogger often makes..:( I am surely guilty of generalizing)

So, the ruling party is back in power. It’s actually all well and good, nobody else can possibly run this country now. But kudos to the opposition, most of all, for awakening thousands of Singaporeans out of political apathy.

The people are engaged.


Elections: My vote is secret

Over lunch. With a colleague.

“So you going to vote?”
“Yes! I’ll get to vote this time.”
“Great! Who you going to vote for?”
“I can’t say….”
“Oh. Really?”
“Yes…really…my vote is secret.”
“Yes…my vote is secret….only the Government knows.”

Elections: Of course the PAP!

It is an exciting period in Singapore. On May 6th, we go to the polls to choose our next Government. I, like many other Singaporeans, do not have to vote. Because the all powerful People’s Action Party (PAP) is being returned unopposed in my district. This is not uncommon. In almost every election, less than half the electorate actually vote. Funny, huh?

I asked the waiter at lunch today, “Who are you going to vote for?”
“Of course the People’s Action Party!” he said, with some gusto. Another sycophantic fan, I thought.
“I have voted for the PAP every single time, sir!”
“Very simple. I am worried that if I vote for anybody else, the Government will check my serial number and blacklist me.”


I wonder… many people actually choose out of fear?