Local media articles

These are a sample of the articles I have published in Singaporean publications since 2011. They are listed alphabetically by organisation.

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“Why Singaporeans need to discuss 1987’s Marxist Conspiracy”, May 25th 2017

“Lee Kuan Yew Obituary”, Mar 24th 2015

(Many have said this is their favourite piece of mine.)

“Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore: Let’s find the the real joy of Singaporean society together”, Aug 9th 2014

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“Singapore: Let’s not ignore the downtrodden; nor those who speak up for them”, Apr 9th 2020

“A Vision of Singapore’s Future, or a Throwback to the Past?”, Sep 6th 2019

(A piece on Tan Cheng Bock, former politician from Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party who has now formed his own party to challenge it.)

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“Celebrating Mustafa: 24-Hour Supermarket, and a Migrant’s Dream Come True”, May 3rd 2020

“Growing Up With Star Wars, I Never Expected It to Mirror So Much of Today’s Inequalities”, Dec 18th 2019

“Is There Even A Point to Comparing Singapore to Hong Kong?”, Nov 14th 2019

(This might be my favourite piece so far anywhere; getting closer to achieving the gonzo style of travel journalism to which I aspire.)