Sir Ian McKellen

There is an article on Sir Ian McKellen in the Aug 27th New Yorker. Wo insight into his life. Made me think about a couple of things: The Singapore audience I watched Sir Ian in two shows last month, at our very own Esplanade—King Lear and Seagulls. Was blown away. Not just by Magneto (although he was spectacular). But by the whole production. All the … Continue reading Sir Ian McKellen

a migration of poor standards

I’m getting a little bit tired of Indians saying how much they like my country, Singapore. The gushing never stops. Towering buildings; glitzy shopping malls; roads without potholes; clean, drinking water; spotless streets; safe neighbourhoods; efficient administration; incorruptible government; gateway to the world; ….they could go on forever. (Every now and then, one of them questions the lack of genuine democracy here, while yearning for … Continue reading a migration of poor standards