Ministry of Funny

A podcast about my life, education and career, May 2021

A podcast about race relations in Singapore, June 2021

Breaking the Spell

A podcast about media and democracy, Jan 2022

GE2020 Series

Episode 1: To help the PAP and Singapore improve, I’m voting opposition

Episode 2. The natural aristocrats: We know everything. Just listen to us.

Episode 3. Singapore is small and vulnerable so we need a one-party state. True?

Episode 4. If I vote for the opposition, will I lose my job? Will Singapore collapse?


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A ten-minute talk on identity and multiculturalism, The Economist’s Open Future Festival in Hong Kong on Oct 5th 2019

This was both tougher and easier than other talks I’ve given. Tougher because it’s a big topic for ten minutes; and I felt the pressure of both the live stream and the very tight timing, the clock counting down at me from a screen at my feet. I missed a couple of lines, but oh well. Happens.

But easier because I had lots of support and encouragement from the floor, including a bunch of former colleagues and bosses, some who gave me many opportunities to speak and write early in my career, some thirteen years ago now.

4 hours in Singapore, Nov 2019

A short clip from my contribution to ‘4 Hours in Singapore’, a feature in the Business Traveller programme, being shown on multiple airlines right now.

Thirty-minute talk on my first book followed by a panel discussion, The World Bank, Apr 9th 2013

The video’s resolution is not great, but the audio came through nicely. Grateful to Viktoria Kovacs, Reda Hamedoun and everybody else at The Bank who made this happen.

Socio-political commentaries on Singapore