My appearance on the Brave Dynamics podcast

“…in today’s world it’s getting easier with the gig economy and freelance or contract worker or independent worker isn’t such a bad word anymore for some people but it was certainly difficult… but I was also so energized. So I think it wasn’t just nerves, I think this is the interesting thing about any journey, at the same time there’s this sense of excitement about doing something new, particularly with storytelling. So exactly what my mentors had told me, now I was faced with this completely blank canvas to think about storytelling, how did I want to maybe move away from that Economist style that I had developed to writing in a different form, thinking about storytelling in different ways.”

Thanks to Jeremy Au and team for hosting me on his “Brave Dynamics” podcast. Click here to listen on the website. It’s also available on all the usual platforms (see below).

Just sharing in case there’s anybody aside from mummy and chums interested in my career and “journey”.

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