Dear football fans: a video

  For fans of the English Premier League. From the perspective of a Singaporean. Before I begin work on a series of socio-political videos, I wanted to make one video at home by myself, from camera and lighting to editing. Partly so I know what’s involved, and also partly so I’m self-sufficient with video if need be. I know all this comes easily to many … Continue reading Dear football fans: a video

human frailty as told by Zinedine

let me preface my World Cup Final observations by admitting how much I admire Zidane. His swansong I awaited like a numbed coke head, yearning for the highs of yesteryear, yet never truly expecting much more. that it ended bittersweet was very French, very fitting and very forgettable, the effects of whisky having a far more brutal effect on my memory than age did on … Continue reading human frailty as told by Zinedine

football in america

like most of you, i have been glued to the world cup. following it here, in the US, has been a particularly fascinating experience. Speaking to Americans and listening to American commentators has given me some insights into their thoughts on football, and maybe, life. americans have an obsessions with stats. at many inopportune moments during a game, ESPN will indulge in a computer graphic … Continue reading football in america

The Ticket Auntie only strikes fear in the hearts of some

“What la, these fellas, spend hundred dollars on petrol, one two dollars also cannot put,” said the Skinny Tamil as he walked past me. I was sitting on the Astroturf at St. Wilfred’s Sports Complex, off St. George’s Rd, Bendemeer. I quite like playing there. Except for the micro black rubber sand that squirms into every possible crevice on your person – shorts, shirts, boots, … Continue reading The Ticket Auntie only strikes fear in the hearts of some