Singapore Government’s take on old vs. new media

“I said that we will look at how we can have a lighter touch in regulating the internet during the elections. Er… Mr Brown‘s comment was not posted on his blog. If he had posted the same comment on his blog, we would treat it as part of the internet chatter and we will have just let it be. But he posted it — he … Continue reading Singapore Government’s take on old vs. new media

"Rock the Junta"

is an article in this month’s Mother Jones magazine about a Christian heavy metal band, Iron Cross, subtly screaming for liberty in Burma. I reproduce one interesting passage about the Orwellian culture of fear in this country: ‘Even other Western tourists spoke in whispers, turning both directions to see if anyone was listening. This syndrome has a name among some NGO workers – “Burma Head.” … Continue reading "Rock the Junta"

human frailty as told by Zinedine

let me preface my World Cup Final observations by admitting how much I admire Zidane. His swansong I awaited like a numbed coke head, yearning for the highs of yesteryear, yet never truly expecting much more. that it ended bittersweet was very French, very fitting and very forgettable, the effects of whisky having a far more brutal effect on my memory than age did on … Continue reading human frailty as told by Zinedine