Singapore Government’s take on old vs. new media

“I said that we will look at how we can have a lighter touch in regulating the internet during the elections. Er… Mr Brown‘s comment was not posted on his blog. If he had posted the same comment on his blog, we would treat it as part of the internet chatter and we will have just let it be. But he posted it — he didn’t post it — he wrote it and published it in a mainstream newspaper. That’s the difference. In a mainstream newspaper, you have to be objective, you have to be accurate, you have to be responsible for your views, and that’s always been my position, or the position of this government: that a mainstream newspaper must report, you know, accurately, objectively and responsibly. And that they must adopt this model that they are a part of the nation-building effort, you see, rather than go out and purvey views that will mislead people, confuse people, which will undermine our national strategy.”

12 July 2006, Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, Lee Boon Yang, in an interview with ChannelNewsAsia reporters

Here is a link to the Mr. Brown article that my Government took great offense to:

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