The things that matter

In an article in The Straits Times Review today, Senior Writer Ong Soh Chin, gushing about Singapore, writes,
“There are few places in the world where the things that matter – transport, education, housing, health care – work as efficiently without having to pay an arm and a leg.”

She is correct that we do provide those things cheaply. My question is – how did Ms. Ong decide what “the things that matter” in this world are? Is that her opinion? Her friends’? Our government’s?

It would be prudent if our government – and its ardent orators – sometimes asked us what “the things that matter” are.

Rather than always telling us.

One thought on “The things that matter

  1. actually had not read this before from you. very good statement, simply the paradigm of the “impossibility of benevolent dictatorship” . the key concept being unknown preferences, due (to start with) to diversity of people. Would work though if all singaporeans were sufficiently similar… and then again that may well be one of the Government’s wishes?best N

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