Media and democracy: A video podcast with Breaking the Spell

This is a conversation with old buddy Unsu Lee and newer one Douglas Evans about media, censorship, diversity, propaganda and democracy. Thanks for having me on your show guys! Was lots of fun.
And of course, thanks a lot to Min-Wei Ting, the man behind the camera.

Copy from Breaking the Spell:

“Why Care About Media and Democracy in Singapore? A Conversation with Sudhir Vadaketh

When it was reported that Singapore was not invited to a 110-nation democracy summit convened by the United States recently, it led to rancorous public debate about whether Singapore should be called a democracy. From being ranked poorly for press freedom, a history of dissidents being detained without trial and vocal critical commentators barred from national media, these undemocratic features have been regarded as necessary to protect Singapore’s political stability and safety. In a bid to question these assumptions, we sat down with prominent author Sudhir Vadaketh to discuss the detriments of the current system and the prospects of a more free press and liberal democracy.

Through discussing issues such as what is media, how censorship occurs, whether funding affects editorial content and how people are using creative ways to find their own voice, we also suggest how Singapore can be evaluated and improved upon as a democracy.”

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