Foreign media articles

These are a sample of the articles I have published in foreign media publications since 2004, when I wrote my first one while in grad school in the US.

(Yes, of course it helped that one of my schoolmates was Endy Bayuni, then editor of The Jakarta Post. Thanks Endy!)

They are listed alphabetically by organisation. The images used are not necessarily the ones in which my articles appeared, I used cool, high-res ones I could find.

Foreign Affairs Cover300400

“The Oxley Road Dispute and Singapore’s Future”, Jul 19th 2017

(This article on the battle over Lee Kuan Yew’s estate was an interesting exercise because it reminded me of the trade-offs I have to make when writing for a foreign audience. A lot more background explanation is needed, which gets a bit tedious for a local audience. As such, many Singaporeans preferred the piece on Oxley that I wrote on my blog, which complements this.)

Inc SEA Cover

“How I did it: Razer’s Min-Liang Tan”, July/Aug 2018

(Several of my Raffles Junior College buddies, including the CFO, are at Razer with Min-Liang, so it felt like I was among friends for the research and writing of this.)

“Deep Tech”, Jun 19th 2018

“The Go-Jek effect”, May 29th 2017

(I flew to Jakarta to interview Nadiem Makarim for this. One of my fav pieces.)

Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 3.27.35 PM

“Singapore—history haunts the ultra-modern state”, Feb 17th 2019

(A piece about Singapore’s bicentennial year)


“Coronavirus: is electioneering to blame for Singapore’s teetering pandemic response?”, May 5th 2020

Economist Obama 20090117issuecovFE400

“Reaping what they sow”, Aug 4th 2012

“In God’s name?”, Jan 14th 2010

“A PR Problem”, Nov 12th 2009

“Taken unawares”, May 7th 2009

(One of my faves. About “the AWARE” saga in Singapore. Got rave reviews from my editor.)

“Muting the messengers”, Jan 15th 2009

(My first ever piece for The Economist; and yes, that above is the exact magazine in which my piece appeared, with my hero Barack on the cover. Read more about my work at the newspaper’s sister units here.)


Jakarta Post Cover COV250919

“Microentrepreneurs’ contribution to microcredit too long ignored”, Nov 18 2004

(co-authored with buddy Ron Luhur; link is to a republication on Yale Global)