Is enough ever enough?: a discussion this Saturday on consumerism in Singapore

i shop therefore i am

How materialistic and obsessed with status competition are we Singaporeans?

Some days I think overconsumption and conspicuous consumption are things of the past, others I feel we have just moved on from the material to the experiential, from leather bags to F&B/skiing holidays (no judgment…probably guilty of all of the above.)

Not to mention the increasing projection of status competition onto children. BYOM–Bring your own maid–one of the best terms I’ve heard recently re: kids’ party instructions.

I don’t think there are ever going to be any definitive answers to any of this, consumerism is so ingrained in the Singaporean psyche, yet is also constantly evolving with migration, technology and other trends.

Nevertheless, always good to engage in the occasional banter, so I’m looking forward to this talk at 3pm this Saturday at FOST Gallery, Gillman Barracks, alongside Chua Beng Huat, a sociologist and author of “Life is not complete without shopping”, and Li Lin Wee, director of “Gone Shopping”.

Do join us to talk shop.

“This talk is free but seating is limited. Please email to reserve a seat. Unoccupied reserved seats will be released 5 minutes before the talk begins.”


Official invite details on Facebook and below: Continue reading

Book reading: 5pm, Oct 6th, Fost Gallery, Gillman Barracks

Dear friends, for those who missed the launch of my book, Floating on a Malayan Breeze, I would like to invite you to a book reading on Saturday, Oct 6th.

The venue is wonderful: Fost Gallery, in the revamped Gillman Barracks area, displays pieces from local artists–very “Malayan”.

Moreover, there will be fabulous free drinks!: Su Lynn, a mixologist from Big Easy Lifestyle, will be mixing up some cocktails and mocktails.

A Big Thank You to Fost Gallery for hosting and to Big Easy Lifestyle for providing the drinks. We’ll have some bites on hand too.

This one is much more casual lah, no guests of honour, no panellists, just me talking a bit and reading a couple of passages from the book. We will be selling copies of the book there.

So: Great art, free drinks and snacks, literature, and a chance to check out the refurbished Gillman Barracks. Do RSVP to Riya at, so we know how many to expect.

Please click on the flyer below for more information. And do tell your friends. See you then!