Floating on a Malayan Breeze: US book tour, April 2013

Dear friends, as I enter my last two weeks Book Coverat The Economist Group, am getting increasingly nostalgic. I’ve had a wonderful seven years here, the longest I’ve spent at any institution–so feel like I’m losing a small part of me.

Thankfully, as part of my transition to full-time writing, I’ve got a great trip to the US to look forward to. Am very happy that this book tour has come together, partly because the US remains the most important market for English-language writing. Exciting!

For all of you based in the US, I’d love to see you sometime, perhaps at one of these events. For those based elsewhere, if you have any friends in these cities who might be interested in Malaya or my writing, please do share this page with them. Tell them to come support a Malayan author 🙂

All of these are public events; some require registration–see below for more details.

I’m still not sure if we’ll be selling the book at these events. But you can easily order it via Amazon, both paperback and Kindle versions. If you are coming for one of these events, and want to purchase a book right there, please send me an email at sudhir.vadaketh@gmail.com, and I’ll try to ensure that we have copies available. Thanks.


Floating on a Malayan Breeze: US book tour, April 2013

UC Berkeley

April 8th, 1230 – 2pm

Institute of East Asian Studies (2223 Fulton, 6th Floor), Conference Room.

Please click here for more details.


Stanford University

April 8th, 430 – 6pm

Daniel and Nancy Okimoto Conference Room, Encina Hall, 3rd floor, east wing
616 Serra St., Stanford, CA 94305.

Please click here for more details.


The World Bank, DC

April 9th, 1230 – 2pm

Auditorium J1-050, World Bank J Building, 701 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20433. RSVP: infoshopevents@worldbank.org

Please click here for more details


Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), DC

April 10th, 130 – 3pm

Conference room B-1, CSIS, 1800 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006

Please RSVP to HillsGovernance@csis.org


Harvard University, Cambridge

April 12th, 11.45am – 1pm

Perkins Room (R-415), 4th Floor Rubenstein, Harvard Kennedy School, 79 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Please click here for more details.


Columbia University, New York

April 15th, 12 – 130pm

Room 918, International Affairs Building, 420 W 118th St, New York, NY 10027.

Please click here for more details.


Yale University, New Haven

April 16th, 4 – 530pm

Room 203, Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06511.

Please click here for more details.



I would like to thank the following institutions for offering travel support for my trip:

Asia Center (Harvard University)

Center for Southeast Asia Studies (UC Berkeley)


Council on Southeast Asia Studies (Yale University)

Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (Stanford University)

Weatherhead East Asian Institute (Columbia University)

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