Singapore’s scientific pioneers: a new book I worked on

scientific pioneers

Who built Singapore?

Politicians are oft celebrated, but there have been many others. This fabulous new (free!) book honours 25 scientific pioneers, including the person who greatly improved our IVF success rate as well as the only non-white in the Internet Hall of Fame: a Singaporean who essentially connected China, India, and many other non-English speaking populations to the Internet.

These vignettes are brilliantly written by Grace Chua, Juliana Drum, Shuzhen Sim and Rebecca Tan (who says scientists can’t write??? šŸ™‚ )

I had the pleasure of editing their smart proseā€”one of the best freelance gigs I’ve ever had.

They have made the science very accessible, so I hope you can share this with young, aspiring scientists, or students wondering what to do with their lives.

You can download the book here.

I also have a few limited hard copies that I would like to give to some budding scientists. Email me ( if you’d like one for yourself or your child, niece, etc.

Image credit: Gorgeous photos taken by Cyril Ng and Bryan van der Beek.

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