Join me on a live video chat this coming Sunday


Happy National Day! Celebrate Singapore’s 55th birthday with Jack and Rai, Singapore’s most famous ageing boy band, and me, as I appear on their weekly Sunday night chat show, “Live and Late with Jack & Rai”.

The show begins at 930pm and I will probably come on at 10ish. You can watch it on the Jack and Rai Facebook page.

We will generally be talking cock, as we do, but will also have a conversation about “SingaporeFTW: Five reasons I’m celebrating.”

I’ve come up with a list of five things that excite me about Singaporean society today. On the show Jack and Rai and the audience will respond to them, agree, disagree, whatever.

Join the conversation! Do leave comments here before the show, and also please join the live video discussion, where you can participate in the conversation.

From 930pm, Sunday Aug 9th 2020. See you then.

One thought on “Join me on a live video chat this coming Sunday

  1. Super! I’m in. Btw thanks for the lead on Lot’s, in your ig. My kiddos had a ball there this weekend.

    Enjoying your writing! #fan

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