a Singaporean dilemma?

I reproduce the below correspondence between an old Junior College classmate and myself, only to show the struggle that many of my contemporaries may currently face…

This was in response to me telling him that I was, for the foolish moment, trying to make it as a full-time writer in Singapore.

“I am probably coming home in late june/july for a month or so.
In any case, continue to do whatever it is you do, biographies,
writing, etc. It is truly a relief and a welcome change from the rest
of us who have to hold down regular jobs. I like my job (it’s sort of
non-hierarchical and erm, own time own target) but I am glad you are
trying to do what I would never dare to even attempt.
It’s this idea of responsibility and respectability tied to a
conventional job (most preferably a professional one, lawyer, banker
etc) that’s so deeply embedded that even when I recognize it as a
facade for us to hide behind, i cannot abandon it.
It’s such a vicious cycle too. I get job, I pretend I am a
professional, to extend the pretensions I need to buy a house, a car
and all the other accoutrements that come with professional life, and
therefore i need money which means I need the job.(usually more than
the job needs me).

ah well, i can ramble on. but i’ll save for when i get home next month or so.
i do wish for the old jc days when things were simpler. i hope to see you soon. ”

One thought on “a Singaporean dilemma?

  1. funny, I think my post-JC days are much ‘simpler’…or easier, if you’d call it. I live my life with more clarity. About the post, yes, as I have said before, I applaud you for making the decision you did. It is indeed a “brave” choice, but when you have the talent and knowledge to communicate the way you do…why not??? It would be a pity if you hadn’t chose what you did.

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