I have spent the last few weeks in Malaysia doing research, so I suppose it’s only apt that I write a bit about this wonderful country.

I am now certain that food in Malaysia is better than in Singapore. I used to always tell people that the food is the same in both countries. But now my mind is made up. And it’s not simply a function of better/ fresher ingredients. There is more variety, they are more adventurous, they are more innovative.

Traffic in KL is horrendous. Taxis drivers are underpaid and hence lack motivation. In some situations, it is impossible to move if you do not have your own car. It reminds me of LA. And, IMHO, the same developmental blunder is at the root of their misery – a strong lobby that wanted to put a car in the hands of every citizen. For Ford, read Proton. Cheap cars, low investment in public transport, horrible traffic jams.
(Please try to digest the above para with Singapore lenses…i.e. if you’re coming from Bangkok, you may not find KL’s traffic that bad)

KL-ites are not punctual. And traffic is often cited as justification for this sloppiness. How to argue? So, always call before leaving for a meeting – three times (out of 8 meetings) the person cancelled at the last minute. Second, expect other party to be about 30 minutes late.

Hmm, nevertheless, I learned how to relax a bit more, and then I got into the swing of things…quite a merry pace of life.

and super food.

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