Photos from India: People

Note: This is an on-the-road photo journal. To find out more about why I am on this trip, please read Next book: From Kerala to Shaolin. Importantly, these are just some simple photos taken by yours truly. The really good photos on this trip are being taken by Kirit Kiran, a Delhi-based photographer and filmmaker. The best will appear in the actual book.



Cheruthuruthy: Waiting to bathe her soft toy


Cheruthuruty: V. Kaladharan, publicity & research officer & S.S. in charge, Kerala Kalamandalam


Cheruthuruthy: Rice farmer


Calicut: Pallavi, Tony Joseph, Sonia, Shruti, in the gorgeous apartment/office complex that “Architect Tony” built.


Beypore: Shipbuilder, continuing a thousands-year old tradition. Incidentally, we are both standing two-storeys high: on the middle deck of a wooden ship under construction. It will eventually measure 185ft, the largest wooden ship ever constructed, says Abdul Gaffoor, owner of the shipyard (not the man pictured). The Qatari client will pay US$1m for it. From Kerala, in about a year, the finished boat will go to Dubai to have its engine fixed. Then it will sail to Singapore for interior design and upholstery. Then it will sail to Qatar. Just in time for Olympics 2020 (if they win the bid) and World Cup 2022 (which they’ve won).

This is the boat as pictured from the ground.



Kasaragod: A “jeans specialist”


Kasaragod: Fish seller


Kasaragod: Fishermen (i.e. the above lady’s supply)



Bangalore: Rahul Mathew, Babu Uncle’s son, my cousin. With some of his great wall sketch art.


Bangalore: Krishna Pratap, kalarippayattu master

Tamil Nadu


Chennai: Senthil Kumar, the friendly chap who drove Kirit and I around for a day


Pondicherry: Mrs Kannan, stringing up some jasmine flowers for hair buns


Pondicherry: Ninety-five year old master of Silambam, the Tamil martial arts




Auroville: Gouri, Sama, Supriya Menon. Three remarkable ladies under one roof!

Food: Top 5

Figured I have to document only the Top 5 foods; this could easily be Top 20. Tough choices.


Rava dosa in Chennai: Delicious, uses rava (or semolina) instead of the usual fermented rice and black lentils batter


Chettinad restaurant in Chennai: Our first Tamil thali


Chennai: We’ve been having amazing fruit all the way; this might have been the best.


Chennai: A good carrot halwa…to die for. Hot, sweet carrots.


Paya, Hyderabad: This Muslim curry is made by boiling goat’s feet for a long time. A very, very long time. That bone there is completely edible.

The changing faces of Kirit Kiran

All in the space of the past 6 weeks.


P1100784 - Version 2

New Look

3 thoughts on “Photos from India: People

  1. Thanks for the Nice pictures and report. It feels só good to have a look ínside Kerala again. Good luck in your adventure. I will keep following.
    Cheers Tiago

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