Life update: Leaving Singapore

Dear friends, just a note to say that Ling and I have decided to leave Singapore early next year. Destination unknown, for the moment, but we hope to travel for a bit first, and then settle down somewhere for perhaps four or five years. Have been mulling over Indonesia, Sri Lanka and South Africa. (Any suggestions???)

Just for the heck of it. We feel we have a window now, before our parents get too old, to experience another part of this fascinating world. I’ve been living back home in Singapore for ten years now…time for a change of scenery lah.

And I guess we’ve got enough energy now such that the idea of moving to an alien place where we may have to learn a new language fills us more with excitement than dread.

I will keep writing. But probably on new topics of more relevance to our adopted home. In other words, I am planning to slowly wind down my Singapore writing…not sure if I should rename this blog or simply put up a “Dormant” sign.

Of course, the idea of going somewhere and starting afresh is a bit daunting. Many of my literary contacts and most of my readership is in Singapore. But oh well. What’s life without challenges.

Incidentally, I am still working on my China-India book, which is going well. I expect to be done with the draft by the end of this year.

So, thanks very much for reading and for all your kind (and even the not-so-kind) feedback over the years. Hope to catch some of you over the next few months before we leave.

2017 UPDATE: After eight wonderful months in Mauritius, we moved back to Singapore in December 2016. It now seems like we’ll be here for the foreseeable future. I would love to live in Mauritius again at some point…see here for my writings on the place.

22 thoughts on “Life update: Leaving Singapore

  1. Hi Sudhir ,
    I think you could come to Angola ! There Will be an election in 2017 so it Will be hot here! At the same time it is an interisting country to watch the interference of international players in africa and many other signs of change in our world. It can be a hard life, but there is no terrorism and the weather is nice.
    Best regards. To all the family.

  2. Sounds like a plan. Please go to South Africa. It is perfect for you both! Aunty Sharon

  3. Singapore is I think at the cusp of some interesting changes. Do keep an intimate contact with it and the region. Wishing you all the best in the new adventure, the world is getting smaller and we are all a click away.

  4. Dear Sudhir,

    Will miss your Singapore musings, do keep at it from afar too – perhaps Japan?

    Would love to meet you both before you leave but until then I’ll wait for your new book!


    Mary Rajkumar


  5. Thailand or anywhere in South and South East Asia except Singapore or Vietnam for that Indianized feel of home. 🙂

      1. I was told by colleagues who just came back from their overseas trip that Sri Lanka is a good choice looking at their development and GDP and so on.
        They could be the first South Asian country to enter first world if that is what you’re looking for. 🙂

  6. Washington DC is not a bad place to live 🙂

    Among the three choices, my vote is for Sri Lanka.
    Or, Yogyakarta in Indonesia away from the hustle & bustle of Jakarta and touristy Bali.
    Cape Town is stunning but not sure about living in South Africa.

    Other places to consider: New Zealand (Wellington), Morocco, Portugal (Lisbon), Mexico (San Cristobal or San Miguel De Allende), Guatemala (Antigua) and Costa Rica.

    1. Thanks Srini! Those are some interesting options, including places I’ve never even heard of. Will do some research. Parts of the US, including DC, are always attractive options. Although given that I’ve already spent 6 years of my life there…perhaps something different. 🙂

      1. What does a writer/thinker/social activist look for to broaden his knowledge and understanding, to further sharpen and refine his skills and acumen? A good son of a nation will always have his mind back home. Keep in touch, 2020 is not that far away.

  7. I’ve just come across this blog and am sad to hear that you are planning on leaving Singapore soon. However, just because you aren’t living in Singapore doesn’t mean that you are less able to comment on Singaporean issues. Thus, I do hope that you don’t leave a “dormant” sign on this blog, but instead continue to fill it with your thoughful analysis and well writeen prose.

  8. I am a third generation Singaporean living in Chennai, India. I would highly recommend India, if only for its diversity and entrepreneurial energy despite the chaos of its democracy. The Indian model of democracy is really worth studying.

  9. Hi Sudhir,

    I have spent a lot of time in Cape Town, South Africa, and you should check it out, one of the
    most beautiful places in the world – beautiful beaches, mountains , Dolphins, whales and beautiful
    cosmopolitan city. Relatively safer than Johannesburg .

    You can change your blog to ” Musings of a Singaporean ” but you shouldn’t stop writing
    your commentaries. Your writings do Singapore proud, your honesty and integrity, your sharp
    intelligence and compassion is what Singapore will need, even when you are away from it.
    You need to continue to be a true son of Singapore, and express your thoughts on our society
    and nation.

    Reggie Chew
    Paris, France
    12 September 2015

  10. Lurking reader, one-time (now two-time!) commenter here.

    Very best of luck to you! This blog is one of the few Singapore-focused/based sites I still drop in on, after successfully fleeing to Melbourne! 😀

    I’m a PR now, and can apply for citizenship this year.. YEEEEEEEEEEY! Then I can take back my measly CPF and get rid of a passport that I personally despise.

    Personal passport feelings aside, I wish you lots of luck wherever you go!

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