Off to Mauritius


Dear friends, last July Li Ling and I decided that we’re going to leave Singapore for a bit. Well, we finally have a destination!

Ling is starting a 6-month diploma programme in endangered species recovery at the Durrell Conservation Academy in Mauritius, part of her efforts to switch from medical work to animal conservation. Her programme begins at the end of March. I will be in and out of Singapore before joining her properly in June.

As you can tell by the photo, it’s going to be tough…we realise we are very lucky and blessed to have these opportunities.

I plan to continue my writing there: finishing up current book on China and India; completing freelance projects; honing my drone and VR camera skills; and finally, possibly beginning work on a Mauritius book.

The place sounds fascinating not only because of its wildlife—or what’s left of it (see Dodo)—but also its human tapestry. Indians, Africans, Whites, Chinese, mostly Francophone, some Anglophone. I’ve heard their rainbow model of multiculturalism leads to much more segregation than we have here in Singapore, one of the many things I hope to learn about. Aside from the Octopus Curry.

I was going to say “Moving” to Mauritius but then I realise I may be spending only five months there, so “Off” seems more appropriate. Moreover, while last year it seemed likely that I may not return to Singapore much, it now seems, because of varied engagements, as if I will always have one foot professionally stuck here. Which is nice.

So, we may be back before long. But till then…stay in touch!

If you have any tips, or know anybody in Mauritius who can help an ignorant writer, let me know. Or if you have any ideas for a Mauritius book, do share. There seems to be precious little written on the country.

And finally, in a very happy coincidence, Air Mauritius is just about to start a direct flight. So for those looking for a holiday, it’s now a mere seven hours from Changi.


12 thoughts on “Off to Mauritius

  1. I am waiting for the InChin book.
    Really for the Kerala bit.
    Faster faster finish.

  2. That’s funny, I was just thinking an hour back that I hadn’t heard from you for sometime. All the best for your time in Mauritius.

  3. All the best for your trip to Mauritius and looking forward to hearing from you again soon!

  4. All the very best, Sudhir. The historian-storyteller Amitav Ghosh has written a bit about Mauratius and how the indiansgot there in his “Sea of poppies” and “River of smoke”. You may like them.

    Waiting for your India-China book!

    Warm best wishes

  5. Hi Sudhir Roshni has a friend there, who studied in the U here in Penang. Will ask her if she’s still in touch.

  6. Hi, Sudhir, and just checking with a good friend from my college days who was born in Mauritius and has worked on biodiversity and conservation projects there if he has any contacts to pass on. Will let you know in due course. Stunning place to spend a few months: YT visited when my mate was at the University of Mauritius back in 1997 and we had a terrific time. Cheers, Barry

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